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Difference between Obstetric & gynecology

Obs and gyne are medical specialties that specialise in two different aspects of the feminine genital system . At Virginia Beach OBGYN we offer care to women altogether phases of their lives whether or not they are having a baby or are past menopause.

Obstetrics generally deals with the care of the pregnant women, the unborn baby, labor and delivery and therefore the immediate period following childbirth. The obstetrician make them self ensures that mother and child get the simplest prenatal care to make sure labor and delivery is accomplished without complications which should intervention be needed, it’s done quickly and safely.

Gynecology generally deals with any ailment concerning the female reproductive organs; uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries and vagina. A gynecologist can also treat the related problems within the bowel, bladder and urogenital system since these are very closely associated with female reproductive organs.

To be certified as an obstetrician or a gynecologist requires a minimum of four years of residency training after attaining a general medical degree. the 2 specialties are very closely related and most of those specialists provide care in both areas. This is often why we see OB/GYN on the office door of those doctors. While 90% of gynecologists can also deliver babies, obstetricians limit their practice to pregnancy and childbirth.


Obstetrics specifically deals with the welfare of the pregnant woman and also her baby. During pregnancy a variety of complications can arise such as ectopic pregnancy, which is a condition where the embryo is in a fallopian tube, fetal distress caused by compression , problems with the placenta or high BP which can be a forerunner of a serious illness called pre-eclampsia.

The obstetrician is well trained in these and many other complications of childbirth and ensures both mother and baby are safely guided through all of the phases of pregnancy and childbirth. Whether the baby is delivered vaginally or through a planned or emergency c-section an obstetrician is well trained to handle any change that is presented while the natural, but usually complex process of childbirth.

Following delivery, an obstetrician is very focused on the health of the mother and child ensuring that both make the transition into routine daily life without the deadly complications that were commonplace a 100 years ago and unfortunately are still occurring in third world countries.

The medical specialty of obstetrics has made pregnancy and childbirth a life changing event to be embraced with confidence knowing that modern medicine has made the process safe and predictable.


While most of gynecologists also are obstetricians, the sector of gynecology mainly focuses on all other aspects of a woman’s reproductive health from the onset of puberty through menopause and beyond.

Women see their gynecologist for his or her annual Pap test and pelvic exam. Other reasons a lady would see her gyne are for infections or any other pain or discomfort within the uterus, genitals or breasts. Gynecologists can also assist with infertility issues and contraception.

Gynecology diagnoses and also treats diseases of the reproductive organs including cancer of the ovaries, uterus, cervix, vagina and fallopian tubes. A gynecologist can also treats prolapse of the pelvic organs. this is often we can say a condition usually present in postmenopausal women with weakened pelvic muscles that can’t support the uterus or bladder properly.

Other diseases treated that are yeast and bacterial infections, irregular and painful menstruation, painful intercourse and other diseases associated with menopause which can require surgery.
Surgical procedures.

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