serology institute in Varanasi

Serology Institute In Varanasi

Are you looking for Serology institute in Varanasi? Visit kids care nursing home. Kids care has separate Serology Institute in Varanasi where you get complete care. But what is Serology? Let’s first discuss what exactly Serology is. 

What is Serology?

Serology is that the scientific study of serum and other body fluids. In general practice, the term usually refers to the diagnostic identification of antibodies within the serum. Such antibodies are typically formed in response to an infection (against a given microorganism), against other foreign proteins (in response, for instance , to a mismatched blood transfusion), or to one’s own proteins (in instances of autoimmune disease). In either case, the procedure is straightforward .

What are Serological Tests?

Serologic tests are blood tests who’s main aim to search antibodies in your blood. they will involve variety of laboratory techniques. differing types of serologic tests are wont to diagnose various disease conditions.

Serologic tests have one thing in common. all of them concentrate on proteins made by your immune system. This vital body system helps keep you healthy by destroying foreign invaders which will cause you to ill. the method for having the test is that the same regardless of which technique the laboratory uses during serologic testing.

What is a purpose of Serological Tests?

It’s helpful to know a bit about the immune system and why we get sick to understand serologic tests and why they’re useful.

Antigens are substances that provoke a response from the system . They’re usually too small to ascertain with the eye . they will enter the physical body through the mouth, through broken skin, or through the nasal passages. Antigens that commonly affect people include the following:

The system defends against antigens by producing antibodies. These antibodies are particles who attach to the antigens and deactivate them. When your doctor tests your blood, they will identify the sort of antibodies and antigens that are in your blood sample, and identify the sort of infection you’ve got .

Sometimes the body mistakes its own healthy tissue for outdoor invaders and produces unnecessary antibodies. this is often referred to as an autoimmune disease . Serologic testing can detect these antibodies and help your doctor diagnose an autoimmune disease .To know more about serology kindly call us at 8935033708 or 8935033702